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Get details of any file type, such as the mime type or last edit date, with our File MIME Type Checker tool. This tool analyzes the file format and determines its MIME type, which is used to identify the file's type and format.

This is useful for ensuring that files are being used in the proper manner and can help to prevent errors or security issues. The tool is user-friendly and easy to use. Try it now for free.

What is MIME type?

A MIME type (also known as a media type or content type) is a string identifier that specifies the format of a file. It is used by web browsers and other software to determine how to handle the file when it is received.

The format of a MIME type is "type/subtype", where "type" is a general category of the file (such as "text", "image", or "audio"), and "subtype" is a more specific identifier (such as "plain" for text files or "jpeg" for image files).

For example, the MIME type "text/plain" is used for plain text files, and the MIME type "image/jpeg" is used for JPEG image files.

How To check MIME Type

There are several ways to check the MIME type of a file, depending on the context and the tools available. Some common methods include:

Using The file Command

On Linux and macOS systems, you can use the file command in the terminal to check the MIME type of a file. For example, "file --mime-type file.txt" will return "text/plain" for a plain text file.

Using The PHP Info Class

In PHP, you can use the info function to check the MIME type of a file. fileinfo();

How To Check MIME Type Using RottenTools

You can use the "MIME Type Checker" tool on the website to check the MIME type of a file. The process is as follows:

Go to the website:

Click on the "Choose File" button, and select the file that you want to check the MIME type from your computer.

Click the "Submit" button, and the website will show you the MIME type of the file in the "MIME Type" field.

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