HTML Entity Converter

Easily convert special characters in HTML code to their corresponding HTML entities with our user-friendly HTML entities converter tool. Encode or decode HTML entities for any given input.

Quickly and accurately convert any special characters and symbols, ensuring that your code is interpreted correctly by the browser and that the special characters are displayed correctly in the rendered HTML document.

How To Use Online HTML Entity Converter Tool

Using an HTML entities converter online is generally a simple process:

Step 1:In the input field, paste the HTML code that you want to convert.

Step 2: Click on the "Convert" or "Encode" button then submit.

Step 3: The converted HTML code with the special characters replaced by their corresponding HTML entities will be displayed in the output field.

Step 4: You can copy the output and use it in your HTML code.

Our online HTML entity converters also have the option to decode HTML entities back to their original characters.

In this case, the process is similar to the encoding process, but you will need to paste the HTML code with entities and click on the "Decode" option instead and submit button.

What Is HTML Entity Converter

An HTML entities converter is a tool or a script that can convert special characters and symbols in HTML code into their corresponding HTML entities.

HTML entities are a way to represent characters that have special meaning in HTML, such as the < and > characters, which are used to create elements and tags.

By converting these characters into their corresponding HTML entities, the code will be interpreted correctly by the browser, and the special characters will be displayed correctly in the rendered HTML document.

For example, the less-than sign (<) can be represented as the HTML entity < which will be interpreted as "<" by the browser, instead of being treated as an HTML tag.

Similarly, an ampersand (&) can be represented as & which will be interpreted as "&" by the browser, instead of being treated as the start of an HTML entity.

HTML entity converters can be found as online tools or as libraries in programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and Python. Some text editors also have built-in options to encode and decode HTML entities.

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